The Sixty-Sixty Mini Concert


  1. Opening: Trio Sonata in C Moll for Church Organ (new release)  3:07
  2. Chimay She May Not (from Fifty-Fifty 2010)  6:08
  3. Forty-Five Second Life (from Fifty-Fifty 2010)  4:18
  4. A View From The Top (from Forty-Forty 2000)  3:28
  5. Echoes (from Forty-Forty 2000)  3:59
  6. Traveller (from Fifty-Fifty 2010)  3:29
  7. No Time To Waste (from Forty-Forty 2000)  4:23
  8. Sixty-Sixty (from Sixty-Sixty 2020)  3:49
  9. Go (from Forty-Forty 2000)  5:58

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The Sixty-Sixty Mini Concert Recordings

The Sixty-Sixty Mini Concert

The idea was to play a short live gig during the release party of our Sixty-Sixty album in July 2020.  We invited our friends Michiel, Rolf and Ronald to join the Forty-Forty Band, selected eight songs from our four albums, started rehearsing in 2018 and booked a venue in The Hague. The Sixty-Sixty album came out as planned in the summer of 2020, but unfortunately the party and live performance had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. We had to change plans and decided to (re)record the selected songs with the band. This is more or less how we wanted the gig to have sounded. 
The opening consists of a previously unreleased trio sonata for church organ which Eric composed back in the eighties.


The Forty-Forty Band:
Eric Schulp – keyboards and vocals
Mark Vermin – guitars
Michiel Jansen – guitars and vocals
Rolf Nieuwstraten – bass
Ronald v.d. Zant – drums

Thanks to Suzan Overmeer (vocals on track 6)

All tracks by Schulp & Vermin, except track 1 by Schulp
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