1. Synthesis 6:03
2. Cycles 5:27
3. Trinity 5:27
4. Windows Forty-Two 5:58
5. Fading Away 4:58
6. Rainbow 4:32
7. Opening Doors 5:27
8. Pianoman Strikes Again 4:46
9. Happy Hour 5:27
10. Free 4:39

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lyrics “Rainbow”

O-over the mountain we will climb
Reaching out for a dream that lies behind
Is it our promised land that waits there
Pastures green, rivers clear blue
Sunlit days, starry nights forever
Can it be true?

O-over the rainbow we will fly
Reaching out for a shelter in the sky
Is it our future world that shines there
Creatures wise, places we knew
Peaceful nights, happy days forever
Are found anew.

© Forty-Forty 2003


All tracks composed and performed by 
Eric Schulp (keyboards) and Mark Vermin (guitars)

Drums: Ronald van der Zant
Vocals: Jeannie Lamens
Lyrics: Grada Vermin-Deurloo