our music

Please listen to some of our songs here.

© All rights reserved. Online playing of these Forty-Forty tracks for private home use is authorized by Buma/Stemra. Any unauthorized use including copying, editing, selling, renting, hiring, lending, public performance, radio or television broadcasting etc. is strictly prohibited.

Traveller (from Fifty-Fifty, © 2010)


Chimay, She May Not, (from Fifty-Fifty, © 2010)


Forty-Five, Second Life (from Fifty-Fifty, © 2010)


Fifty-Fifty, (from Fifty-Fifty, © 2010)


Windows Forty-Two (from Forty-Two, © 2004)


Opening Doors (from Forty-Two, © 2004)


Go (from Forty-Forty, © 2000)


A view from the top (from: Forty-Forty, © 2000)