July 2019 – New website

Mark studied a little WordPress and thanks to teacher Bas the new website was launched this summer.

2019 – New toy

We got ourselves a new toy in the studio: a real Hammond organ. Needs a little restoration though.

2018 – Forty-Forty band

We invited some old friends to form a Forty-Forty band. We’re trying out if it’s possible to perform a few songs live at the Sixty-Sixty release party in 2020. Check out the Forty-Forty Band page.

2015 – Work in progress

We’ve composed a few songs for a new album. Looks like it’s going to be “Sixty-Sixty”. 

June 2010 – Fifty-Fifty CD

Our third album “Fifty-Fifty” is presented at a party in June. See the pictures on the Media page and listen to some songs on the Our Music page.

Forty-Forty website

November 2009 – New website

We’ve built a completely new website. A very special thanks to Bas.

Ann Harris Christmas cd

December 2007 – Ann’s Christmas cd

We recorded and produced two songs for Ann Harris’s Christmas cd.

Autumn 2005 – Vocal track for new album

We recorded a vocal track for the next album with singer Suzan Overmeer. The song is called Traveller.

April 2004 – Forty-Two party

Our new album was officially launched on 17th April in Dean’s Garage. Have a look at the pictures on the media page.
Reads some reviews HERE.

November 2003 – Forty-Two mastering

To improve the sound of our second album, Erik (Masters of Media) helps us with the mastering in a professional studio.

2003 – Work in progress

We finished writing eight new songs for our next album. EYE-drummer Ronald has offered to assist us with the drum tracks (very helpful indeed) and we invited Jeannie to sing on the only vocal track “Rainbow”. 

October 2002 – Eric performs Satie

On 5 October, Eric was one of 24 piano players who performed in a 24 hours Satie marathon. Erik Satie’s composition “Vexations” was played 840 times. The piano marathon was organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Koorenhuis Centre for Arts and Culture in The Hague and to raise money for a new grand piano.

October 2001 – website forty-forty.nl

Our forty-forty.com website expired in September, so we moved the website to www.forty-forty.nl.

Summer 2001 – Airplay

Several tracks of our first album were played on Dutch national TV (Nederland 2 & 3) as background music.

May 2001 – Forty-Forty official release

Thanks to the positive response to our demo cd, we decide to officially release our first album Forty-Forty (Stemra nr L 10941).

Forty-Forty party – 2000

Our first album is presented to friends and family. Have a look at the pictures on the Media page.

Forty-Forty is born – 1999-2000

In the spring of 2000 we produce our first demo cd, composed, recorded, copied and distributed by ourselves.